How Donations Flow To Nicaragua

Members of Saving Little Hearts of Nicaragua (SLHON) are all volunteers. Therefore, all contributions, rather in monetary or non-monetary form, go directly to sponsored communities in Nicaragua. By partnering with Rotary Clubs and others, we have been able to fund several vital projects. These have included:

  • Open heart surgery for children
  • Building additional rooms for the Rotary Clinic
  • Upgrading building interior and exterior at an orphanage
  • Down payment to create a separate cardiology room at the Leon Hospital
  • Provided medicine, equipment, staff, and educational materials
  • Built water wells to supply safe drinking water
  • Gave school supplies to help support classroom activities
  • Provided medical treatment of rheumatic fever
  • Helped support echo-cardiology internships and training

These are just some of the projects that have made  significant improvements in the life of a child, a family, and a community.

How Your Donations Are Put To Work

Any amount of giving will help the mission of SLHON. Past project funding included:

  • $1,000 — Covered improvements at an orphanage
  • $1,000 — Down payment for a cardiology room
  • $3,000 — Added three additional rooms onto an existing clinic
  • $3,500 — Open heart surgery for a child
  • $10,000 — Contribution toward cost to build ten (10) water wells
  • $75,000 — Provided medicine, equipment, staff,  and educational materials for community

How You Can Donate?

In addition to making a one-time gift by check, there are other ways to give including car donations, automatic monthly transfer, employer matched gifts, in-kind gifts or services, planned gifts, gifts of stock, and grants.  All donations are tax deductible. Note, if your employer has a matching gift program, this would be an excellent opportunity to multiply your contribution. For more information, please contact SLHON.

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Make Your Gift by Check: 

Make check payable to: “Saving Little Hearts of Nicaragua”. Send check to:

Saving Little Hearts of Nicaragua
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