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Save Little

We Create A Special World Together

Saving Little Hearts of Nicaragua brings people together from across the globe. Getting volunteers’ support from as far away as Clemmons, North Carolina and Tulsa, Oklahoma to León, Nicaragua requires a team effort. This effort is manifested in various mission and services provided to the children of León and other surrounding communities in Nicaragua. These trips make possible the implementation of worthwhile projects carried out by the many volunteers and contributions made to SLHON. This is truly a special world.

Medical Equipment

Community Water Wells

Open Heart Surgery

Educational Support

Take A Mission Trip

SLHON Mission trips are a key vehicle for delivery of value-added services to sponsored communities in Nicaragua. The trips also provide a chance to review progress on past projects, implement new projects, and plan for future endeavors.

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You Can Help

There are several ways of making donations to Saving Little Hearts of Nicaragua. Donations of Medical Supplies & Equipment, Educational Materials or Cash & Securities are gratefully accepted.

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